Riding our bicycles out to Aeon shopping center on a very humid and warm day!   That pink sign in the distance is the shopping center.


We had our choice of yummies, but darling son chose the juice bar.  Lots of fresh fruit juices.

This sign says at the top:  Kisetsu no Osusume (Specialties of the Season)

Then from left to right:  Peach Juice, Watermelon Juice, Lemon Soda

Peach and Watermelon are most definitely seasonal.  It’s mid-summer now so watermelon and peaches are abundant.  However, lemons?   Did not realize they were seasonal!


As you can see in the photo, lots and lots of fresh juices!  All delicious.  All expensive.


Ice cream, too.  Fruit flavors.  No razzle-dazzle-cheezle-nut-chocolate-crunch at this store.


Well, darling son consumed a peach juice, and boy, was it delicious.  Now time to throw it away…..  Oh no!  It’s all in Japanese!  So confusing!

At the bottom, on left, it says:  Moeru Gomi  (Burnable Trash) This is for paper, basically.

At the bottom, on right, it says, Purasuchikku Gomi (Plastic Trash)  Plastic cups and so forth.

Let’s recycle and keep our environment healthy!