The Japanese language was mostly influenced by Chinese, but recently it is being influenced by English.   So there are quite a few words that an English speaker can figure out because the Japanese word is so similar to the English word.  These borrowed words are ALWAYS written in katakana.  (One of Japanese’s writing system.)

However, even these “English” words can occasionally be tricky because the meaning has changed so much that it is different from what you think it is.  Or maybe the word is not actually originally from English, but from another language, like French or Portuguese.  (Yeah….there are other languages out there besides English!  Japanese has been influenced by Portuguese because the Portuguese were allowed to trade with Japan, long ago and once upon a time.)

So for you non-Japanese speakers, it is quiz time.   Think about what you think these Japanese words mean….it may not be what you think!  (I wrote them in English, but really they should be in katakana.  But I’m lazy…so I’m not gonna do that.)

Answers tomorrow!

one piece


sharp pen


magic tape



love love





my pace

my bag

new half

Oh my god!

pain juice