I was always very slender until my thirties, when the double whammy of pregnancy and a slowing metabolism hit me.  Now I’m an American size fourteen.  Very, very fat in Japan.  Practically average for a middle-aged woman in America, but Japanese people consider me grotesquely obese.

So anyway, I didn’t want to shop online for clothes, but could not find a shop with clothes my size.  Nakago (our department store) doesn’t have big sized clothing, plus it is a very expensive store.  Itoyokado is cheaper, kind of a J.C.Penney’s, but it also doesn’t have clothing my size.   Uniclo doesn’t usually go up to my size.   Shimamura (like a Walmart) has clothing my size and it’s quite cheap but Shimamura’s clothes are usually ugly.   So I finally found this shop in Aeon, which is a shopping center a little outside the city center of our town.  The sign says  “Big Size Ladies’ Clothes.”

It’s so hole in the wall, this part of the store.  They want to shame me, and shame me bad.



It’s divided into the cheaper section….


…and the more expensive section.

I needed some cropped jeans or pants of some kind.  First I searched the cheapie section but all the pants were weird stretchy material that outlined every curve and fold of my crotch.  Yeah, gross.  So reluctantly I headed to the more expensive section.  It was my lucky day!   The day before, the pants had been put on sale!


This was the largest size in the fat store. American size sixteen.

For the LOW LOW LOW price of 6,300 yen!!!!!!!!  I am too lazy to check today’s currency exchange rate…..but that’s somewheres around sixty American dollars.  (Somewheres.)  Down from the original price of 9,000 yen!!!!!  For a pair of GENUINE CROPPED JEANS FOR FAT PEOPLE.  Wow, I am really lucky.

So here’s my advice, ladies.  Don’t get fat in Japan.  Japanese people like everything teeny tiny, and my butt ain’t one of them.  (Anymore.)