Tanabata snacks are out in the stores now.   Tanabata falls on July seventh.




This is the Tanabata “tree”  (actually, bamboo branches) at my local Aeon Shopping Center.    People write their wishes on slips of papers and attach them to the tree. If you are in Japan now, you can participate in this custom.

I was reading the various wishes, written in Japanese, of course…..for my Japanese practice.  Because today is the big day for me!   Today is the day I take the N2 Nouryoku Shiken (Japanese test.)  If you follow my blog, you know I have taken it umpteen times and came one point away last time from passing.  Really desperate to pass, if only so I don’t have to pay the application fee again.



I wish for world peace and, if I can’t have that, then I want to pass N2.

Ganbarimasu!  (I’ll do my best!)