The kind of thing one does the day before Paycheck Day is browse in the costume jewelry store and think about what one will spend one’s money on once one actually has some.

Notice the crosses.  These cross necklaces are very much non-religious here.  Women wear crosses and occasionally rosaries even if they are not Christian.  Just as decorations.


Cute pendants.


Want a new hair band!   I know hair bands are so 1992 but I like them as an easy way to pull back my hair.  I have never looked good with ponytails or buns.   Hair bands remind me of early Hillary Clinton.  Remind her hair band wearing days?   I always thought she was very pretty, to be honest.  I don’t think she is a Feminazi at all.


Japanese cool stuff.  I am way too old for this, but I like to buy them for girls in America.  A nice souvenir of Japan.


Really pretty.


Japanese people LOVE to wear beads as bracelets.  I think sometimes they have religious significance and sometimes they don’t.  I asked my Japanese teachers and they didn’t know.   So I have no idea.


I saw this style of earring in a magazine, so it must be the new and popular thing.  Kind of interesting, and not permanent, so no harm done.

Japanese women are FAR less likely to pierce their ears than American women, although younger women pierce more than older women.  (Older women practically nil. It’s just not a traditional part of Japanese culture.)  However, nose rings and multiple piercings are really not seen much in Japan.