The author of this book has a Korean name, but I don’t know if she is Korean-American or Korean from Korea or something else.   This book is called “Futago no Moufu” and its actual name in English is “The Twins’ Blanket.”  (This is maybe originally an American book?  The author lives in Brooklyn.)




It’s about two girls who share a blanket….but they are getting too big to share it!  So what to do?  Two new blankets, one for each of them!

My mother is a twin and, trust me, twins never ever ever fight.  It’s love love joy joy all the time and you have a best friend foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr.   LOL  Actually, the last part is true.  They are still very best friends and while I don’t think they hardly ever fight, there have been misunderstanding and occasionally arguments.  And sometimes they just plain get on each other’s nerves.

But for me it’s almost like having two moms*.  And genetically my cousins are my half-brothers, so that’s a little weird.

It’s available here in English.

And here in Japanese.

*No.  Not THAT kind of two moms.  The other kind.