Well, Father’s Day has come and gone.  I don’t have words to express what a good husband and father my guy is.  I don’t deserve him.

I found these chocolates at a local store.  They have messages written on them, some in English, some in Japanese.  They are Tirolle brand chocolates, which have a very good reputation.


From left:

Yoku Ganbarimashita  (“You worked so hard.”  “You did your best.”)

O Sewa Ni Narimashita  (“Thank you so much for your hard work.”)

Dare Yori Mo Kakkoii Anata E  (“For you who is better looking and cooler than all others.”)



Aijyou Busoku No Anata E  (“For You Who Lacks Love.”) I hope I am translating this correctly. I don’t get the nuance.

Daisukina Anata E  (“For You Whom I really like.”)

Yareba Dekiru Ko  (“A Child Who Can Do It If He Tries.”)


Dekiru Otoko (“A Man Who Can Do It/Accomplish A Lot.”)

Dekiru Onna (“A Woman Who Can Do It/Accomplish A Lot.”)

Koibito Yori (“From Your Sweetheart.”)


Zuuto Issho (“Together Forever.”)

Kizuna  (“Bonded.”)


For my very darling hubby!  He liked this and said he will eat one a day.  He said Tirolle chocolates are good.