My son has been doing a sticker from the middle sticker book after our thirty minute English lesson that we do every morning.  We have almost finished the book!   Learned lots about various famous artists.

Because we finished the middle sticker book, we will next start on the one on the left.   It’s got landmarks in it, and you find their place on the map.   I hope it is fun and educational.

On the right is a Latin sticker book that we have been doing for a while.  I got it because I heard that if one learns Latin, then it is easy to remember the English derivatives of Latin.   We have enjoyed doing it…..however, a lot of the words don’t have any English derivatives at all.  (I check the internet for the derivatives.)  I guess I was under the impression that every single Latin word had derivatives.  And a lot of them do.  Canis becomes the English word “canine.” However, many don’t.  Cubiculum and Impluvium were deadends.  So I’m rather up in the air about the value of this Latin sticker book–since I am NOT trying to teach my son Latin.  However, my son seems to really enjoy it. He likes trying to find the correct sticker that matches the word.   So I guess it is a bit of a hit.   I am considering the German sticker word book next.  Again, it is to see how that language relates to English.