This is “Kuishinbou no Hanako San”  (Greedy Miss Hanako)


Just like our last book, this book teaches a Very Important Lesson.

Hanako isn’t content to graze in a pasture, no, she’s got to gorge herself on potatoes and pumpkins.  The moral of the story is “Don’t be a greedy little shit or you will make yourself sick and get in big trouble.”  And it won’t be a happy ending.  You’ll end up tied to a tree and muzzled, like greedy Miss Hanako.  (Yes, that really happens!)

I myself am quite greedy so I did not like this book.  In fact, I felt it is an early start to Fat Shaming, which is so prevalent in Japanese culture.  You eat too much rice!  That’s why you ballooned up and can’t fit into your bathing suit! Just because you’re only a toddler is no excuse!

This book can be found here.