We have another “What’s inside?”  My husband brought this back from his business trip to Tokyo.  He was all, “Are you going to take a picture?”  I think he knew I would put it online!!!!  LOL

Now moving on to my post.

Recently I went to buy the maeuri ken for the Pokemon movie. (A maeuri ken is a cheaper ticket one can buy before the opening day.  Only some movies have them.)

The young woman looked at me and proceeded to explain in detail about how the maeuri ken works because the ticketing system recently changed.  In English.  In halting, slow poor English!  I was really rushed….so I did not know what to do.   I want her to explain in Japanese, not English.  Especially since I was pressed for time!

However…I know for this young woman this is probably one of the few opportunities to use her English.  And she’s so proud of herself!  I think to myself, “What if my son used English and that foreigner was rude to him?”  So I don’t want to be rude.

I had the same problem in France, but only worse.  Japanese don’t really know English well, so most people don’t attempt it, or attempt only a couple words.  But in France, so many people wanted to use their English with me.  It was very frustrating.

All I can do is keep studying Japanese.    And amaze people with my prowess.


Okay, here we go.  Anko (sweet bean) layers surrounding an actual chestnut!   There you go!  Did you guess right?