This book is “Groompas’ Kindergarten.”  In Japanese, it is “Gurunpa no Youchien.”

When my son was much younger, I borrowed the English version to read to him.  However, I have never really cared for this book.


It’s about an elephant who wallows in the mud until the other elephants taunt him with “Hey, you lazy loafer!  Get a job!”  So he tries to get a job at a cookie factory…but his cookies are TOO BIG!  He tries to get a job at a shoe store…but he makes shoes that are TOO BIG.  (Do you notice a pattern here?)

Finally he meets a lady with a bunch of kid…and he discovers his true calling.  Babysitter!

I don’t know why I didn’t like this book.  I guess I don’t like books where elephants tease other elephants.

You can find this book here in Japanese.

You can find this book here in English.