Fruit prices have always been high in Japan, but it seems they have skyrocketed in the last year or so.

The following photos are during this month of June 2016, in my local regular American style grocery store.



They didn’t use to sell grapes like this just a couple years ago.  I think they kept the price the same, but decreased the amount of grapes per package.

298 yen is (at today’s current exchange rate) $2.80  (U.S. dollars)


A pack of strawberries…Strawberry season is ending now…:-(

398 yen is $3.73


One cantaloupe….this was the cheapest cantaloupe in the store.  The price below the regular price is the one that includes tax.

498 yen is $4.67


One mango  (imported from Thailand)

398 yen is $3.73


One Kiwi is 98 yen so that is 92 cents


A pack of Japanese cherries.  These are from Yamagata, which is famous for its delectable cherries.

680 yen $6.38


These are American cherries (Yes, that is what they are called.)  They are cheaper than the Japanese cherries, but not as treasured.  (Duh.)

This is the small pack.  It’s 398 yen so $3.73.


A larger package of the same American cherries.

498 yen is $4.67


This is NOT a normal cantaloupe.  As you can see, it is 3,980 yen.  That is a whopping $37.38

This is not the sort of thing you would buy for yourself.  Japan is a country where people often give gifts, so this is most likely some sort of gift.  Also, I think Japanese people like to give food because (and this is my opinion) you can only have so much “stuff.”

One of my Japanese teachers said that she once bought one of these very expensive melons for her own family when it when slightly on sale. Her family enjoyed it, but then when she told them the forty dollar price, they got angry and said it was not that good.  I told her she should not have told them the price!  She did say it was absolutely delicious.

As you can see, the yellow tag has a date…that’s the date that the melon is best eaten.  So no mistakes.