This is called “Kutsushita Kun.”

Kutsushita=sock(s)  (Japanese doesn’t always use plurals)

Kun=no equivalent in English.  It is used usually for boys, and is like Mr.  The girl eqivalent is “Chan.”

So I called this book “Little Mister Socks”  Not really a good translation, but I could not think of anything better.


This is the thrilling adventure of two socks on the run.  And boy, do they run.  First they meet a bunny who has socks on her ears.  How fun!  And then they find a washing machine where they get separated and one of them falls into a black hole never to be seen again.  That leaves the remaining sock to be found by mommy who puts it in a special place with a bunch of other lonely socks waiting to be reunited with their loved ones.  Wait. Just kidding.  I think.  Well, the rabbit part was true.  And that’s about it.

You can find this book here.  If you dare.

Well, that finished our toddle woddle picture book list.  But the library has ONE MORE book list.  And you know I’ve got to do it.