Well, it’s summertime and recently I needed to go shopping for more sunblock for my face.


This is what I had been using.  When I bought it, I didn’t notice that it is tinted beige. I didn’t really like that, but it basically served its purpose.

Most sunblock has enough English on it that you can figure it out quite easily.  However, here is some kanji you may want to know when sunblock shopping.



The big kanji here is:  Kao You  (“For the face.”)

Kao 顔 means “face.”

You よう in this situation, it means, “Used for”


The bottom kanji says mukouryou  (“No perfume”)

mu 無 means  “No” or “Not”

kouryou 香料 means “perfume”


In white, it says hada ni yasashii  (“Gentle on the skin”)

hada 肌means ”skin”

yasashii やさしいmeans “gentle”  “easy”


Bihaku 美白 means “makes the face white.”



As you can see here, the word “Whitening” is in English so there is no confusion.

Whitening products are very popular in Japan, but I don’t use them. First, I have heard they are not so good for your skin. Second, my skin is already white enough.



This is what I ended up getting, the one in the middle.  I like Curel, I don’t know why.  So I decided to try their sunblock for the face.


By the way, for those of you studying Japanese, there is a nifty Facebook page (actually two of them) called “Japanese Word of the Day.”  So neat.