I am still  am member of the Library Volunteers at my son’s former elementary school.  This is just like my mom–she was a library volunteer at my elementary school and continued long after I graduated.  Our reasons are different though.  My mom is very social and enjoyed the comradery.  Me, I do it for the books.  I’m much more of a book lover than my mom.

I have to read aloud to the fourth, fifth and sixth grades, one time each, this semester.  I chose the book Umbrella by Taro Yashima.


This book is a little longer than I usually read.  (I try to pick short books.)   It’s also a quiet, slow book.  I think this is all okay, though, because it is only the upper grades who are listening to this book.

I know I have written about this book before on this blog, but I will just say again that I love it.  The reason I love it are these lines which occur near the end:

Momo is a big girl now, and this is a story she does not remember at all.

We have all had so many experiences, and we don’t remember a bit of them.  Life is moving to fast for us to catch.   It’s so funny to me that we all have a life that that occured before we were three years old, and it’s lost forever in our memories.

Regarding the flashcards, I made a bit of a mistake. I used a flimsier paper than I usually use.  When you turn it over, you can see the black ink leaking through.  So I just didn’t write the Japanese word on the back.  I just say it out loud.  Not the best, but I will remember now to use the good thick paper.