Today, June tenth, is “Toki no Kinnenbi.”  (Commemoration of Time)  It’s a day to remember to use time wisely.  I learned about it from my Japanese textbook, however, none of the Japanese people I talked to knew much about it!   It is not a special day in Japan anymore.  For more, see this link:


Okay, moving along.  Here is our book for today:



“Nenne”  “Sleepies”

Neru is “to sleep.”  So Nenne is baby talk for sleep.  I didn’t know how to translate it, so I just said, “Sleepies.”  Because I sometimes say, “Let’s go to sleepies.”


Different animals on each page, all sleeping……a great bedtime book. The text is spare.  The page reads: “Foxes Sleepies Together Sleepies.”

Do you use baby talk?  I still use it around the house.  My husband told me not to use it…our son is thirteen!  So I have to remind myself not to say, “Brush your teethies.”  I am so proud of myself when I remember.   Well, I hope you liked today’s bookie book!  (Whoops, there I go again…)

This book can be found here.