Japanese people love energy drinks, so I thought we would look at some of them today.


This one has no caffeine.


This one says it is for when you are “really tired.” (tottemo otsukare no kata ni!)


Ukon no Chikara…the Power of Tumeric?  I am not sure what this means, exactly.


The one on the left says, “Tabe sugi nomi sugi….Futsukayoi…”  If you have eaten or drunk too much….If you have a hangover…

Futsukayoi is an interesting word: Literally,  “Two Day Sick.” 二日酔い


In another store (Yamada Denki)…drinks to give you power for sex.

I personally don’t take energy drinks.  My husband loves them though.  I think they taste pretty disgusting….and a lot of them are bulked up on caffeine to give you that energy.   If you have any thoughts about energy drinks, please put them in the comments!