This book is “Minna Unchi” by Gomi Taro.  So the translated version is called “Everybody Poops.”  It’s kind of embarrassing to go in and request this book and hear your sweet librarian say the word poop.

I first saw this book in English in a college bookstore in the nineties.  I had never seen a book about poop.  Yes, I was pretty sheltered.


What a book.  One humped camels have one humped poop.  Two humped camels have two humped poops.  Uso!  Just joking!

Japanese people are not as nervous as Americans about poopie chocolates and boobie cookies, but they positively hate bra straps, butt cracks and tattoos.  Go figure.  You knew there would be culture shock, but you didn’t think it would be this bad.

This book can be found here in Japanese.

And it can be found here in English.