July fourth is one month away.  Living in Japan and being here on Independence Day is a real bummer.  My son has never known a proper Fourth of July.  I do feel fortunate though that I can get a bit of America while shopping.  They have these great “I am American and proud of it!” shirts at Uniqlo.  (Although non-Americans can wear them, too!)




I bought this one for myself.  Because I was feelin’ a bit homesicky, seeing Big Bird waving that American flag.  Reminds me of 1976 when Sesame Street was the show to watch (actually the only show I could watch) and America was celebrating big time.  We had just gotten rid of one asshole (Nixon.)  How soon we forget…..   Because another asshole may be in the White House soon!  Yeah, I am talking about Trump.  Let’s not vote for him, shall we?



How very very soon we forget!