If you read blogs about Japan frequently, you might get the impresion that there isn’t anything that Japan doesn’t do well!  Whatever it is, they make it cuter, better, tastier!  Japan has everything.

Recently I was thinking to myself about what Japan does NOT do well.  I came up with “cheese.”  Japanese people are not connoisseurs of cheese.  If you come from France, you will be sorely disappointed.  I am from America, and the cheese here disappoints me, too. However it seems to have gotten better in recent years.  Let’s check out the cheese section in my local American style grocery store.



Japanese people absolutely love this very bland cheese that doesn’t seem to have a name.  Just “Melting Cheese.”


Lots of sweet cheeses.  That mozzarella on bottom left is new to me, have not seen that before.  This particular supermarket was renovated last week so it increased its food items.


Cream cheese….something new in recent years. Japanese people are not bagel eaters.


Blue Cheese, Camembert, Marscapone


This is very new to our supermarket, and one of the reasons I made this post.  I thought these cheeses were good–mozzarella, camembert and cheddar.   Japan is most definitely improving the cheese selection.   I did not have cheddar as a choice just a month ago.  The Camembert is extremely mild, though.


Sliced cheese for kids, I guess.  Tastes bland to me.


Little cheese packets.  Again very bland to me.


I guess the operative word for Japan and cheese is “Bland.”  Japanese food in general tends to be rather bland (albeit delicate and full flavored in a bland sort of way.)  It’s not a western country so I really need to cut them slack…and I do.  I feel fortunate that I have got the choices in the pictures, and no longer have to eat the “Melting Cheese” because that’s all that is stocked.  Nevetheless, if you come from a cheese loving country, you need to be mentally prepared…especially if you are in the countryside (and not Tokyo where naturally the choices are wider.)


A different supermarket in Fukushima City