Today’s book is “Shiro Kuma Chan no Hottokeeki.”   Literally: Little White Bear’s Hotcakes. (Actually, “chan” can not be translated into English.  I like to use “little.”)

The pancake vs. hotcake discussion arises in our family once a year or so.   My husband insists there is a difference between the two.  Me, myself, I am not gourmet enough to know the difference.



This book teaches step by step how to make hotcakes.  There is a great two page layout of pancakes that shows their journey from batter to bubbling to ready to eat, picture by picture.  I think Japanese people very much want their children to know how to do these sorts of things.  Make hotcakes, and so on.  In fact, there is a note at the end of the book with instructions to make hotcakes with your child while reading this book.

This book can be found here.

Wow, look at this cool postcard I got from Crafty Tokyo Mom!   So happy and surprised


A samurai Kitty! So cute!


I wanna be a samurai kitty!!

Thank you, Crafty Tokyo Mom!