Our public library very rarely acquires a new English book for their collection.  So I was thrilled to discover this book, originally a Japanese book.


“The Day I Became Your Mom” by Nagano Hideko.  Translated by Arthur Binard.


Yes, it’s pretty graphic!  This is as graphic as it gets, though.

I was interested in the translator so I found this interview with Arthur Binard.

Here is an article from the Japan Times.  An excerpt:  Shortly after arriving in Japan, he taught English privately and also at a language school, all the while learning Japanese. “I studied Japanese all day every day. I went to the library and read mostly picture books at first,” Binard said. He read Japanese folk tales such as “Kachi-Kachi Yama,” “Kobutori Jiisan” and “Warashibe Choja.”

This book is available here.