Yokai Watch is the new big thing for kids in Japan in recent years, and recently it made the jump to America.  My son has not gotten into Yokai Watch.  It first appeared when he was slightly too old for it.  However, I personally find Yokai Watch interesting because I like Yokai.  (Japanese spirits, for lack of a better word.)

My son showed me this advertisement:


Apparently, they have devised all new American yokai!  American spirits!   Definitely not traditional…..but interesting.


This is how the Japanese see Americans!

On left, a granny serving cookies.  Obviously, a rip-off of the cookie shop called Aunt Stella’s.  (A common cookie shop in Japanese train stations at larger towns and cities.)

On right, a fat farmer dude eating fried chicken.

I wonder if these can be found in the U.S?  I have no idea.

Link to yokai watch article at rocket news.    Pardon me, while I read about wacky wacky wacky Japan on Rocket news!