I thought I would share with you the dictionary I use most often.  That’s it in the photo.  My husband bought it for me as a gift.   It’s about 300,00 yen…so it is not cheap!

If you are a casual Japanese learner, you won’t need it.   I also use an Ipad app and love it. (Midori)

The Ex-word is geared to Japanese people, therefore can be difficult for me sometimes, but it is challenging for me.  Makes me think like a Japanese person.  Also, this Ex-word dictionary has the ability to read my written kanji and tell me the meaning.  (For example, if I don’t know a kanji’s meaning, I can write it into the dictionary.)  The Midori app can do the same thing, but it is much better than the Midori app at figuring out what I am writing.  Midori app is far harder for me to get it to understand which kanji I am trying to write.

The Midori app is nice, too.  It’s CHEAP.  It’s geared to English speakers….so I love this.   Sometimes it has expressions that the Ex-word doesn’thave.

So basically I will use the Ex-word first, and then if it doesn’t satisfy me, I use the Midori app.

One thing I will mention:  I don’t like using the Ipad all the time because I don’t want to break it.   I worry less with the Ex-word.  It’s expensive, but seems less breakable.

For people on a budget, there are online Japanese dictionaries available.  Jim Breen has the dictionary that all others are based on, I believe.