When I was in the Sendai library, I noticed some books written by famous people.  So let’s see who they are….



This is Hirotaka Ototake.  He became famous in the nineties.   He wrote his book in Japanese, and this is the translated version.  His book was REALLY famous here in Japan, and since then he has been popular as a speaker and activist.

I read the English version (and if I remember correctly, attempted to read the Japanese version.)  I enjoyed it so much I gave a copy to my dad, who hates everything.  I have no idea if he liked it or not.  He probably hated it.   He even hates Amazon gift cards, or at least I find them unused six months later behind his dresser.

As you can see, Ototake is missing his limbs, both arms and legs.  Nevertheless, he is a real inspiration.  I do recommend his book very much.

Recently he has been in a scandal.  It was discovered that he had several affairs, and so yeah, it was a big scandal.  He’s not my husband, so I didn’t really care.  But it definitely tarnished his nice guy image.


Okay, she needs no introduction.  Just showing that her book was in the Sendai library in English.  (I’m jealous.)  Months ago, I bought my own personal copy in English and read it to my son.  I felt it was important for us to learn about her.


This is another great, great book.  (And also in the public domain, and therefore free online or on the kindle.)

This British woman, Isabella Bird travelled through Japan, eat love pray style……wait for it……in the 1800’s!!!!!  Yeah, she was awesome.

We western women think we’re so cool if we take an economy class flight anywhere, but this woman Isabella Bird really lived the lifestyle.  She’s amazing.  If she were alive today, her movie would star……hmmm…Kate Winslet?   Emma Watson?  Seriously.  If you are a big shot movie producer reading this, make a movie about this woman’s life.  Now.  Today.