Here we are at the little shop at the bullet train station in Fukushima City.  The bullet train area is separate from the regular train station (and much nicer.)  However, there is another shop similar to this outside the station gates on the west side.


Mama Dooru is a famous Fukushima snack.  It’s kind like a little cake.  Usually it’s just plain flavored, but there is also chocolate.


Onsen Eggs…I avoid buying these because the one time I did, they broke!


These akabeko cookies are another famous product of Fukushima.  I like to give them to kids.


I thought these akabeko “Teru teru bozu” (on left) were so cute.  They were sold out when we returned after our trip!


Remember I mentioned “character pens” and how they make good gifts?  I said they were expensive, and they usually are.  However, here I found one for 350 yen, which is on the cheap side for a character pen.  I bought it for the Nepalese mother of my classmate.


I used to buy these for my son when he was a sticker book crazy toddler.  At that time (ten years ago), the 100 yen shops did not yet sell these types of sticker books.


Alcohol from Fukushima…..  There are wineries in the area.


That’s the little store!  Also regular stuff is sold, like canned coffee and snacks and travel items.   But it’s a little pricey, so I try to get my stuff at a regular supermarket.