I was excited about this book for today.   The reason is that I have frequently seen it here in Japan:  in the library, on book lists, etc.  I know it must be a famous beloved picture book.  It’s originally a Japanese book, and I had never seen an English version.

The title is “Watashi no Wanpiisu”  “My Dress”  It was first published in 1969.

“Wanpiisu” is a very interesting word.  It is a loanword from English….”One Piece”means simply the noun “dress.”

It’s a word I learned extremely early while in Japan.  I worked at a junior high in Chiba, and of course would hear things like “What a pretty dress!”  Except the Japanese people used the word “One piece” which I quickly learned meant dress.



This is a lovely book.  A rabbit gets white material from the sky.  She uses a sewing machine to turn it into a dress. Whatever she walks through, the dress takes on that pattern.  So she walks through a field of flowers, and the next page shows the dress decorated with flowers.  When it rains, her dress gets a pattern of water drops.  And so on.

Really, this book should be translated in English because it’s a book that westerners can understand and enjoy very easily.  Some Japanese picture books are so culturally Japanese that they are dificult to translate or difficult for westerners to understand.   This book is not like that.  Easy to understand for us westerners.  Really a sweet book.

This book can be found here.

Here is a youtube video of it.

Here are goods with the character on them.