I was looking at a FB board for moms of teens and found these posts:



Koolie:  How much is your thirteen year old talking? I am asking because mine is about five words a day and I’m concerened.

HappyMOMMY:   Oh, don’t worry.  Mine is speaking only two words a day!  The doctor said that if your teenager is talking at least one word a day, there is nothing to worry about.

Quicksilver:  Mine has four words a day.  I’m not worried.  There’s still plenty of time.

Ooodles:  Mine has thirty-five words a day.  Plus he can speak in complete sentences.  By the way, does anybody have a link to the gifted board?

Koolie:  Thirty-five words?  Wow.  I bought an app called How To Get Your Teen to Talk.  She’s been watching it non-stop but she’s actually been talking less.  I don’t think it’s working  😦

Oodles:  Chatting Teens is a better app.  You should get that one.  DS instantly gained about five words from that.

Koolie:  Thanks for the advise.  I’ll download it now.

BBBabs:  My son doesn’t have any words at all and he’s fourteen.

Cynthisizer:  My daughter has fifty-two words an hour.  🙂

Koolie:  Wow, that’s amazing.  How old is she.

Cynthisizer:  Oh well, she’s only eleven, but I’m sure it will just keep getting higher and higher once she hits thirteen.

Zippiest:  My fourteen year old had eighty words an hour when he was eleven and now he’s down to two a day.  Really worried.

HappyMOMMY:  Doctors say that’s normal. I’m not worried.

Catlover:  My child is sixteen and she hasn’t spoken in years.  I’m about to give up.  😦

Koolie:  😦  Poor Catlover

HappyMommy:  Hugs, Catlover.

Oodles:  😦

Happy Mother’s Day!