Today’s book is “Rosie’s Walk. ”  In Japanese:  “Roujii no Osanpo”

No=a word which shows possession (exactly like ‘s)

Sanpo=A walk (as in around the block, just for fun.)  The “O” is added to the beginning to make the word more polite.


There’s not much for me to say about the Japanese version of this book, so I will discuss my own personal copy in English.  You may notice that it is a small sized book, and also has Spanish.

The way I acquired this little book is that many years ago when my son was young, I was at my parents’ house.  My mom said, “Oh, the cereal (Cheerios, I think) box has a book in it.”

Indeed!  It had a free book, Rosie’s Walk!   Woweee woweeee!   I was thrilled.

Cheerios has the lowest sugar content of all the cereals, and is one of the few that my father (a diabetic) can eat.   So it was a win/win!  We always have Cheerios at my parents’ house.  They don’t sell Cheerios in Japanese grocery stores.  😦  Maybe at Costco?

I also later got free books with the Chick Fillay’s Happy Meals when my son was a wee bit older.   That was great, too.  I think MacDonalds has done the free book thing, too.  (But we have not been in America at that time.) Japanese MacDonalds does have happy meals (called “Happy Set”) but thus far I have never seen it come with a book.

Love this new trend of free books instead of junky toys.  I mean, we’ll keep our free books for pretty much forever.  I already have plans to read them to my grandkids.  They are small and thin, so don’t take up much room at all.  (Unlike hardback books, which I don’t really like due to the fact that they take up more space.)

Rosie’s Walk is a great and funny book, by the way.  I got sidetracked talking about free books….

The Japanese version is here.