This book is a classic book that is originally in English.  In English, it is called “The Happy Day.”  In Japanese, the title is “Hana o Kun Kun.”

As those of us who speak Japanese know, hana has two meanings:  “Flower” and “Nose.”  So which is it?

I asked my authority on the matter (my husband) and he said it was “Nose.”  NOT flower!  I wasn’t sure how he could be so sure, and for a moment I began to doubt that he even knew Japanese and perhaps my skill has surpassed his.  Maybe it is “flower.”  Who knows.

“Kun Kun” means “Sniff.”

So “The Nose Go Sniff Sniff.”  (If you can believe my husband.)

Or “The Flower Sniff Sniff.”  (If you believe me.)


What a sweet book.

All the animals are sleeping.  They awake!  They follow their noses (sniff sniff) to a FLOWER.

That’s right, hubby, a FLOWER.

Believe me now?

Hana o Kun Kun can be found here.


Happy Children’s Day!