We’re on our way to the horse racing track!  The one and only Atsugiri Jason has a free show!  My son thinks Atsugiri Jason is so funny.  Let’s go watch!


It was a drizzly gray day.  We first went to the station to take the bus.  My husband had said that there is a free shuttle bus to the horse racing track, but we couldn’t find it.  I think it runs very sporadically.

The first three kanji in the green sign say:

keiba jyo   (Horse Racing Track)


On our way!


Yep, it’s a drizzly day.


The horse racing track!  It costs 100 yen (about a dollar) for an adult to enter.  My son is a junior high student, so he is free.


There’s Atsugiri Jason in the middle on the bottom.  He has become famous in Japan recently for his comedy routine, which he conducts in Japanese.  Interestingly, I don’t think his hair is quite that blond in real life.  It looks sort of radioactive in that photo, but in real life it is a slightly brownish blonde, like most adult blond men.

He’s known for shouting in English:  “WHY, JAPANESE PEOPLE, WHY?” and then expounding in fluent Japanese on some silly thing Japanese people do.

His show at the track was about different kanji characters and how silly they are.  WHY, JAPANESE PEOPLE, WHY do you combine the words parent 親  and cut 切 to produce the word for “kind” 親切  Is it kind when parents cut you?  NO!

That sort of thing.  The kids in the audience thought it was hilarious.  The adults were like me.  What?  He gets paid money for this?

I did feel that it was way, way, way too short.  Only about fifteen minutes long.  I realize it was free, however, we had to get there by stinky bus on a gray drizzly day, then we waited in our seats for an hour.  Not really worth it.  Longer, Jason.   Longer.

By the way, when I first came to Japan in the nineties, I thought:  “I feel sorry for people named Jason.”  The reason was that the students at my school associated the name Jason 100% with slasher movies.  (Halloween?  Friday the Thirteenth?  One of them has a Jason.)   But I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.  Japanese people will now associate the name “Jason” with a very blonde comedian from America.


Watch the following youtube video for a taste of Atsugiri Jason.  It’s subtitled in English by some very kind person.