Today’s book is a famous western book by Marcia Brown called “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.”  That bottom book is the English version–it just happens to also have the Japanese title on it.

Its Japanese title is “Sanbiki no Yagi no Gara Gara Don.”

You are probably wondering how they translated “Gruff.”  They don’t.  They just made up their own snazzy title.  The Japanese title is literally “Three Goats Gara Gara Don.”  Gara Gara Don, I think, is a traipsing sound, I guess.




If you’re curious how they translate “troll”……

They don’t use the Japanese word “oni.”  No, it is the same as English.  “Tororu” トロル (troll)

And of course, because I know that without a doubt this word “toruru” will appear on my JLPT N2 test this summer, I looked it up in the dictionary.  😉  It wasn’t there. Trolley bus was there, but not troll.   Hmmmm…..I am starting to think its not a real Japanese word.

Or maybe it’s a chocolate?  No, wait, that’s Tirolle.

Or maybe it’s a cough drop?  No, wait, that’s Troche.

Or maybe it’s a toilet?  No, wait, that’s Toire.

I think my husband is right.  I am spending a little too much time on these picture books……….