Do you know what “Rusk” is?  When I first came to Japan, my husband gave me some. He said, “Rusk.  You know, rusk.  It’s famous.”  I had never heard of it before, and never particularly seen anything like it (at least in the Japanese form.)


These are two different “Rusk”  On the left, leftover bits of pastry from the cream puff shop.  Super yum!

On the right, some Yamagata rusk.


Here is some Hokkaido rusk.  Rusk doesn’t have to be as fancy as this, though.  There is cheap rusk and expensive rusk in Japan.


This is the Hokkaido rusk.  Basically it’s dried flavored bread.  Usually it’s sweet, but not always.  I think in America “biscotte” are similar to rusk, though not exactly.  And garlic chips are rusk, too.

This link gives an explanation: