This book is called, “Dango Koro Koro”

We foreigners in Japan always say “Dango” when referring to them, but a translation is “dumpling.”  But not like my mommma’s chicken and dumplings!  Asian dumplings, made from rice.  I had never eaten anything like them in America, except maybe at elegant Chinese restaurants.

Koro Koro means “Rolling” and you’ll see it a lot in kids’ book and songs.  My son’s favorite comic book  is called Koro Koro.


The old woman drops her dango and it rolls into a hole. Where does it go?   Hmmmm……………  To a very interesting place!


Here is a photo I took last year of a variety of sweet dango on sticks.  It’s a common way of eating them.

Omigosh, this picture is making me hungry.


Here is another photo of dango, but without the stick.  The topping in this photo is sweet red bean paste.  This is probably similar to how the woman in the book was eating her dango.

The book can be found here.