My darling husband surprised me with this Idioms book. The character on the cover is Chibi Maruko Chan, a popular manga and TV character.  (Having a son, we never really got into her in our family.  She’s a girl thing.)


…….I hate to say I don’t like the book.  The main reason is that the print is so dreadfully teeny tiny.  I can read it, but just barely.  It’s uncomfortable for me.


Today I went to a local bookstore to check out their idioms books.  First I looked in the section for students.  (high school, for example).  I hated those, all text and no pictures.  So I went to the kiddy section and settled on this book.

It’s especially nice because it has both kinds of idioms (kotowaza and yojijukugo).


Very first page in the book.  Love the BIG print.  (I found a different book with even bigger, lovelier print, but that one did not have such good illustrations.)

I love the illustrations which depict the idiom.  These idioms are of eastern origin…so completely foreign to westerners!  Sometimes they are unusual.

The first one (on the right–this book goes from right to left in the traditional manner) is:

Aona ni Shio=Salt on Green Vegetables

The meaning is “Suddenly Down in the Dumps”

The book explains that when you pour salt on green vegetables, they lose their moisture and shrivel.

Fun, eh??????????