Finally, a traditional Japanese fairy tale.  This is “Issunboushi.”  It’s a longer book, not really a baby book.  I think the Babu Babu Baby Books may gradually turn into Babu Babu Toddler and Older Child Books.

You may be wondering about the name “Issunboushi.”  It’s the name of this famous fairy tale character, a teeny tiny boy who never grows.  (Like  a Japanese Thumbelina.)

Issun=unit of measurement




The story is that an old woman and old man pray for a child and are rewarded with a boy.  (Common theme in Japanese fairy tales–Good old childless couple is rewarded with either a boy or girl.)

Anyway, the little boy never grows.  With a needle as his sword, he leaves his family for the capital city of Kyoto.

Here is an English version of it.

Here is a Japanese version of it, if you know Japanese.

Here is a free Japanese book on kindle.

Here is a western book of the story in English.

There are many many MANY picture books of this story in Japan…but America is woefully lacking.