Today’s book has been translated into English!  Our library has a copy, but really it is out of print in English, so good luck finding it.  Neener neener.

Reaching for it, I had this misty nostalgic feeling of when my son was three and wuved me so much that he wouldn’t let go of me ever.  (Remember those days?)  Yeah, okay.  Give me a moment.

Sniff.  Sniff.

Anyway.  Moving on.

The Japanese version is actually “Zou Kun no Sanpo”  Literally, “Mr. Elephant’s Walk.”  Although not literally, exactly, because “Kun” does not have the same nuance as Mister. It’s used for young boys, usually.  So another possible translation would be “Little Elephant’s Walk.”


You get the basic idea there, but I won’t spoil the ending but let’s just say it ends with a big splash.

This (like most all the books which have been translated to English) is an extremely famous book.

It can be found here in Japanese.

It can be found here in English.


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