Today’s book is called “My Crayons.”  (Boku No Kureyon)

The title will tell you a few things:

Boku means “I” but it is reserved for males.  So we know the owner is a male.  (My husband says it is possible for a female to use “Boku” but I think it would sound very masculine and rough.  I personally use it around the house just jokingly, especially when I am speaking for somebody else, like my son.  However, I would never use it in polite company.)

Kureyon is a loanword from English (crayon).  However, plurals are not often used in Japanese, so I have to use my own judgement when translating.  Based on the illustrations, I chose the plural form in the title.



Who is the owner of these crayons?  An elephant!  He draws his way through the book, and the other animals are a tad bit jealous.

Too bad for them!  When you’re the baddest beast in the book, the crayons are yours, and yours alone!


This book can be found here.