I like my Netflix, but of course I still like Tsutaya.  Tsutaya is like Blockbusters used to be in America.  Anyway, I looked at the Tohoku earthquake disaster related DVD’s.  I found only one in English, and borrowed it.


This one.  I guess the English title is “3:11 Surviving Japan.”  It’s done by a western young male journalist who drove his car along the coast basically in the months after the tragedy.  The entire documentary takes place only during that time, so it’s not exactly the most recent resource of news.  However, it is a great glimpse into that period of time after the earthquake.

It’s about half in English and half in Japanese.  If you rent from Tsutaya here in Japan, you need to understand Japanese because there are no translations for the Japanese part.  (I know. Bummer!)   But of course you can get the gist of it.

So go check it out!