This is called “Buu Buu Buu” or I guess “Vroom Vroom Vroom”

Although vroom sounds a little race car-y.   (Race car-ish?)

This is just a regular car, buuuping down the street.


This book teaches colors.  “Yellow Car BaBaBa”

And it can be found here.

I finished this Babu Babu Baby Book List.  All the books had VERY few words and simple illustrations.  But don’t worry, there’s another Babu Babu Baby Book list, and this one has books that tell actual stories.  So I will start on that next!

Still praying for people around the world afflicted by tragedies.

The always organized Jojoebi has a great post with how you can help.

Also, remembering that offering well wishes is a way of helping.