Our local department store had a Kyoto festival.  There was a display of furoshiki on sale, so I asked permission to take photos.

Do you know what furoshiki are?  There is no translation for the word in English, but they are simply lovely cloths used for wrapping things. Very traditional.  I have NEVER bought one, despite always wanting to buy one.  I always find them rather expensive.  I really should buy one though, and wrap a gift for a special person.


I just loved this map of Kyoto furoshiki!  It was about twenty U.S. dollars (2,000 yen) so out of my budget.



As you can see, there are so many designs and materials.  It’s such a charming custom.  I need to remind myself to continue this tradition!

I googled furoshiki and came up with this link in English: (Wrapping techniques)


Piggies are such big talkers. They really “spread a big furoshiki.” Donchya think?


***Now for today’s Japanese lesson!***

There is an expression using the word “furoshiki.”

It is:  “daifuroshiki o hirogeru”  Literally:  “Spread a big furoshiki.”

The meaning is to talk big, brag.

For more info, the see following link: