I just love the bargain bin at my local grocery store.  Things don’t go on sale too often in Japan, so I feel I am getting good deals when I check the bargain bin.

But you gotta be careful while shopping in Japan!

Take these rice crackers, for instance. Similar packaging.  But what is the difference?  WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?

(If you read Japanese, then you can stop reading now.)


Okay, people who can’t read Japanese.

Let’s look at the packaging.  Both green.  Light green, in fact.

Hmmm….Some sort of of something or other on the left.  Some sort of plant?  (That plant is the hint.)

A steaming cup of green tea on the right.  (That’s a BIG hint.)

Okay.  I’ll tell you what the flavors are.

Wasabi flavor on the left.  (Yeah, I know.  That’s why they were in the bargain bin.)

Green tea Soy bean flour flavor on the right.  (You read that correctly.  Both Green Tea and Soy Bean Flour.)

You definitely don’t want to just grab a bunch of the light green rice crackers packages, and dig in, because you could be in for a surprise!