This little book is called “Jya Jya Biri Biri”  Jya Jya is the sound of water rushing out of a faucet. Biri Biri is the sound of paper tearing.


“Inu Wan Wan Wan Wan,” it says on this page.

(Inu is “dog” and “Wan Wan” is the sound of a dog barking.)

This book shows very animals and objects and the sounds they make.  An extremely simple book.  It is so simple I don’t know what to say.

The severity of life sharply contrasts with the plainness of this tome.  Perhaps a metaphor for the purity of the child? Page by page, sound by sound, picture by picture, we master the Japanese terminology of vacuum cleaners, railroad crossings, and other phenomenons of daily life.  I feel cleansed and ready to tackle the future.

It can be found here.