I was reading my kids’ Japanese newspaper and there was an article about good souvenirs to bring from Japan to people in other countries.  It said Japanese pottery, ball point pens (the character kind, I presume) and nail clippers.

I don’t often bring pottery to my family mainly because I don’t like to worry about it breaking.  (I prefer lacquerware instead.)  Also, people I know tend to have enough cups and dishes.  So unless it’s for decoration, I don’t often bring pottery as gifts.

Ball point pens are a great gift.  They have got a lot of character ones here in Japan.  However, the character ones can be quite expensive, so again I don’t often give them.  If you have several children to give to, they can’t all receive a ten dollar pen.

(However, I have heard that in third world countries pens are of low quality, so pens may make a good gift for people in those countries.)

Now nail clippers….I had never really thought much about them.  But I posted this on FB and people said that the quality of Japanese nail clippers is so much better than American nail clippers.  Interesting, isn’t it!  I now plan to give nail clippers as presents.  The only problem is that……how do you give nail clippers without implying, “Your low quality country has shoddy nail clippers, which is why I am bringing you sleek Japanese nail clippers that won’t chew your toe off.”

Another thing….my parents will NOT be getting nail clippers, because I know they will lose them after five seconds!  And then when they find them, they won’t be like “Oh, these are nail clippers from our darling daughter.”  They won’t think anything.  They’ll just trim their toenails, that’s all.

Now if they had Hello Kitty or Funashi or Pokemon nail clippers…that would be good.  It would be obvious to everybody, “Hey!  These are all the way from JAPAN.   People!  Did you hear that?  JAPAN!!!!!!!!”

So what is good FROM America?  My husband like expensive chocolate (like Sees or Godiva) and California wine.  Gourmet goods are quite expensive here in Japan.  Also, anything “brand” imported from America, like Ralph Lauren.

I personally like all the “educational” choices in America (card games, educational place mats, and so on.)  There is more a variety of educational stuff in America.  Japan has some, but I don’t think as much as America.