The title of this book is “Moko Moko” and that doesn’t really mean anything.  It’s a sound.  The sound of what…I’m not quite clear.  But it’s a sound like Thunk or Clump or Rattle or Hiss.  I don’t know the exact sound so I retained the title as simply “Moko Moko.”


The entire book is these funny little nonsense sounds.  I read it out loud while my son was in the room (Notice how I phrased that. When a child is thirteen, you don’t read this book to him.  You read it out loud while he is in the room.)  Anyway, while I read this book, he was like “What!!!???”  As in WTF, mom, you’re not making sense!  Moko Moko Moko Moko  Nyoki

This book sort of reminds me of the western book “The Book with No Pictures” in which the adult reader says silly things.

Blurp.  Nyoki.  Moko Moko.   Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.

Like I said, silly.

This ookle bookle can be found here.