Today’s book is “Kyu Kyu Kyu”  I asked the librarian what this title means, and she said it is a sound, like a “spoon hitting a bowl.”  So I thought:  Clang Clang Clang?

But then when I read the book, I discovered it is actually the sound of wiping.

The story is that the stuffed animals spill their soup, and the little toddler wipes it up off them.  So that’s the sound:  Kyu Kyu Kyu.

What’s a wiping sound in Engish?  If anybody knows, please chime in. (Swish Swish Swish?)

I couldn’t thing of a good English title for this book (that also was a direct translation of the original title), so I just called it, “Wipe Wipe Wipe.”   Not a very good name in English!


So you can see the style of the charming artwork.

I learned a new word:  あんよ This is “Anyo.”  I looked it up in my dictionary and it said, “Tootsies.”  So I guess a cutesy way of referring to feet.

I know that word will NEVER appear on any test, but I like it anyway.