This book was originally published in Japanese and it is by a very famous author who originally hails from Fukushima, although he no longer lives here.  The story in the book is that he experiences the quake while in Kyoto, and in the following days travels up to Fukushima.  He goes to the Soma area, which is famous for horses, and was near the power plant.  (The author grew up in Koriyama City.)

It was a great book.  He had a real feel for the tragedy.   It was interesting for me as a Fukshima resident to read about places that we all here in Fukushima know (although it might be confusing for those of you unfamiliar with Fukushima.)  It’s educational.  You will learn a lot about the tragedy and Fukushima.

One thing I heard is that the Japanese edition of this book was one of the first books about the tragedy to come out after the tragedy.    That to me does not mean much.  The people who are MOST affected will take longer to write the books.  First there is the shock and worry and problems and dealing with basic necessities like shelter, and also grief, and only after they reach a certain place mentally can they write the books.  The best books probably have not been written yet.  Heck, the best books about 9-11 may not have been written yet.  So we have to be patient.