Today’s book is called, “Ohiza De Dakko”  I will translate that as “Sitting on Your Lap”

It’s not an exact translation.

The verb “daku” (from the word “Dakko”) is a verb that pretty much all foreign moms in Japan learn  quickly.  It means both hold and hug, like embrace.  Like putting your arms around your child.

I had only learned this word from conversation, so I looked it up in the dictionary.   I found it interesting that the verb “daku” is also used for a nesting bird that is sitting on her eggs. So there is a motherly connotation to it, I suppose.  But it can be used with fathers, too, of course, and this book has panda mothers and elephant fathers, and so on.


All the animal parents call their little ones to their laps and hold them in various ways.  A sweet book.  I quite liked it.

It can be found here.