I found an interesting article in the paper today. (Notice the writer is in London.  So for him, Fukushima people are those other people way over there, far far FAR away.)

It starts off by saying that the costs of relocating people due to the nuclear disaster was greater than those people’s increase in longetivity due to the evacuation.   So ….meh….only about eight extra months, says the article.  No big deal.  Eight months just really is not worth that huge expense.

This is according to some cost benefit study by British researchers (who have just now volunteered to die eight months before they were originally supposed to die.)



It says that the extra life “does not warrant ripping peole from their homes and communities.”  I will say that the “ripping people from their homes and communities” did sort of sway me.  I know that some people did not want to leave at all.  But let’s let them make up their own minds, shall we?  The people in that forbidden zone area around the nuclear power plants are the ones who need to decide whether they’ll take what’s behind door number one (EIGHT EXTRA MONTHS OF LIFE!)  or door number two (Death.  But at least it’s a nice death in their homes.)


This should not even be an issue because there never should have been a meltdown.  But there was.  And I really believe that it’s up to the people of Fukushima themselves to decide what’s best for them……not researchers in the U.K.