These are the palms last week on Palm Sunday


Inside our Catholic church.  Fukushima City actually has two Catholic churches. They are not that far from each other, but one is on the east side of town and one is on the west side of town.

I am not running out of topics to blog about.  It’s limitless.  However, if there is something you would like to see, let me know in the comments.  I am thinking especially of the people who live outside of Japan, but I am also definitely including my sweet friends inside of Japan, too.

In case anybody is like “Gosh, I wonder what a toothpick in Japan looks like!  Or do sidewalk in Japan have cracks in them?  When you see a kitty in Japan, do you always say, ‘Hello Kitty?”

So please give me your questions and I may or may not answer them.


This says, “Fukushima Higaeri no Tabi” Higaeri means day trip. Tabi means travel.